The mission of ID Bayview is to:
  • train innovative researchers and clinicians
  • provide excellent, ethical and compassionate care
  • deliver education to our diverse communities and patients from a public health perspective
  • promote pioneering translational research and discovery to advance the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.



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STD Prevention and Training

The STD/HIV Prevention Training Center at Johns Hopkins continues to translate state-of-the-art, science-based research findings into innovative, high-quality training responsive to the needs of health care providers and prevention specialists from the cities of Baltimore, the District of Columbia and Philadelphia and the states of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. (www.stdpreventiontraining.com )

As a member of the National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers (NNPTC) (www.nnptc.org), the PTC continues to work collaboratively with fellow PTCs and the CDC to develop innovative curriculum. We currently have an app (go to app store and download — std clinical toolbox), consultation website (www.stdccn.org) and we offer technical assistance as well.

Our target audience continues to be health care professionals and prevention specialists working in settings accessed by population groups at disproportionate risk for acquiring HIV/STI. This may include providers in public health arenas and/or those practicing in primary care settings, hospital outpatient clinics and emergency departments, urgent care, correctional settings, juvenile justice programs, school-based, adolescent and family planning clinics, federally qualified health centers (FQHC) and other community health centers (CHC).

We will continue to sponsor programs that support sexual health and strengthen health department programs, HIV/STI clinics and prevention efforts by adapting our training programs to meet the overall prevention plans of the local health departments. In addition to our public health partners, we will continue to outreach to private providers offering reproductive health care to men and women, an activity that is imperative in the rapidly changing health care market.

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