Jacqueline Zeisler Heslin, RN, BSN, BA

ONS-Certified, Chemo/Biotherapy Infusion Case Manager, Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT)

Jac is a second-career RN who had a 25-year career in business before becoming a nurse in 2010. She’s a seasoned professional with experience in oncology, infectious diseases/OPAT, HIV/HCV and STD research, palliative care, and infusion nursing. Key strengths include knowledge of infectious diseases and antimicrobial products; oncology, chemo- and biotherapeutic agents and protocols; infusion and VADs; holistic case management; RedCap; grant-writing; and research. She works hard to provide targeted education and symptom management, advocacy, and respect for patients and families with complex comorbidities, plus working with multi-disciplinary teams to ensure smooth transitions from hospital to home/SNF. Jac is an EPIC SuperUser, and has strong computer skills.

As a former business owner with 20+ years’ experience in strategic marketing and business development, she’s adept at client and personnel management, and critical analysis of data for optimal performance. An analytical thinker with top-notch communication and time-management skills, Jac is also a team player with a real-time sense of humor.



Jacqueline Heslin, RN